The Experience

Shasta Wine Village offers warmth, elegance, culture and a mix of unique wine country experiences with the convenience of a centrally located hub and one stop access. The center is designed to bring together wine and food in a high quality atmosphere with regional viticultural and tourist attractions in the region.

experienceOffering a mix of amenities that create a top notch venue for meetings, social gatherings and cultural events as well as creating a destination for millions who travel Interstate five.

The Village

It's all about the wine....and more.....

Shasta Wine Village is designed as a grouping of 4 unique buildings, each offering their own set of amenities. With space for art, merchandise, tasting and education, along with private and semi-private outdoor patios and intimate event areas.

The inviting open air event center and picnic areas offer even more options for cultural events. Majestic views of surrounding foothills and elegantly appointed areas, meld into a truly one of a kind experience.

The Chateau

Offering the first impression of Shasta Wine Village is the Chateau, located just off the Interstate 5 Interchange at the intersection of Old Oregon Trail and Holiday Road.  Fine Dining is featured at the building center.  Upon entering the Village, visitors can look through a private outside dining area, to a back drop of large wine doors and the main restaurant area beyond. Fireplaces are located both inside and outside, along with additional heating and cooling possibilites outside, take optimum advantage of the area climate. Two spacious winery suites are located on each side of the restaurant, each with fireplace and secured patio. 

The Cellar

With picturesque views of the surrounding majestic hillside vistas as well as much of the Shasta Wine Village, The Cellar offers a diversity of wineries, and home to From The Hearth Cafe & Bakery.  Open and inviting in design, each tasting room features glass paneled roll up doors designed to be open as weather and events warrant.  Interiors reflect the individual wineries unique personality, tastes and style.  The Cafe and Bakery offers both inside and outside dining, and convenient to-go window complete with artisan bakery goods and specialty coffee drinks.

The Loft

Visitors to the Loft enter into a private outdoor patio area with seven winery tasting rooms with each interior reflecting their own individual style.  The outside area will provide opportunities for special "after hours" and private events from inside its decorative walls and controlled access.  High ceilings in the loft suites open up the tasting area to provide excellent natural lighting while adding to storage capacity in the rear portion of the building.  Roll-up and access doors at the rear of each suite may open in this typically secured area for special winery events, ie: barrel tasting.  One larger suite with high visibility through the primary access includes vaulted ceilings and its own fireplace.  A portion of the patio area is designed for gatherings to provide an ideal location for speaking or entertainment away from winery access doors.

The Cuverie

The Cuverie provides a single large winery tasting room complete with interior fireplace and its own secured private patio area.  A portion of the building is reserved for the retail sales of a bounty of regional products including olives and olive oil, nuts and the like, along with wine related items.

Events Calendar


Development Team

Shasta Wine Village is privileged to work with a dedicated group of professionals who are assisting in its planning & development. Click on the links below for more details about those behind the vision of Shasta Wine Village.

Western Resource Partners, Inc./ MyLand.US

Sharrah, Dunlap and Sawyer, Inc.

Shasta-Cascade Viticulture Association

Weintraub Genshlea Chediak Tobin & Tobin Branch Firm


Terry Topolski
Pacific Edge Architecture

Shasta Media House
Adam McElvain

Realty Services Group, Inc.

Rachael Guess Photography

Graphic Artist Phil Fountain

Ambient Technologies

And More...

  • Event Area

  • Boat/RV Parking

  • Vineyards

  • Picnic Area

  • Pet Area

  • Convenient Central Parking

The Location

The Shasta-Cascade area is known for tourism. The area market serves the region as a cultural, retail and medical hub. There are almost 3000 hotel rooms and over 250 restaurants serving the area. Redding is the largest city north of Sacramento and the last stop for many headed to Oregon, or the first stop headed to Southern California.

developmentWhen evaluating property for unique location which would be identified as a setting compatible for a tourism draw and to attract local business, the parcel acquired for the Shasta Wine Village stands alone. Perfectly situated on I-5, the year-round tourist draw is situated in a picturesque setting that encourages visitors to park and explore, indulge themselves in regional offerings and learn more about the award winning wines of the region.

Over 20 million tourists visit wine destinations each year in California. Shasta Wine Village is designed as a stand-alone destination. Those visiting the region and local wine enthusiasts will experience great wines of the North-State and beyond. The Village is envisioned with complementary amenities that will enhance the experience. Excellent regional cuisine, the opportunity to enjoy specialty goods, picnic areas, and special events are just a few of the things visitors can look forward to.